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Fri, Mar 20, 2015 3:51 pm


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Thanks to all who attended the February 9th interconnection workshop or sent written comments—we received terrific suggestions and feedback.  Presentation materials are posted at We were asked to provide a summary of changes to our interconnection requirements, and we posted it to the same page. The 2015 interconnection requirements themselves (rev. 8.0) are now posted at, and all updates are highlighted for your convenience. Careful attention to the APS Interconnection Requirements will greatly speed the customer’s interconnection time!


Without further ado, here is the list of questions from the forum about the process of interconnection—that we promised to address:


Q. Why is APS taking test meters that are not marked with a  RECYCLE sticker?

A. We should not be!  Please email us with a reservation ID if this occurs and we’ll rectify the situation.  We have escalated this with our field services team to ensure this does not happen. Per Section 9 of the Interconnection Requirements, for fast-track residential interconnections, you can now simply provide a meter cover made of approved materials such as Plexiglas, rather than leaving a test meter—this will reduce the chance of similar errors in the future.  Please note that as we discussed on 2/9, test meters are required for systems 12kW-AC+; systems with 3+ inverters; supply side taps; or battery systems.


Q.  What is the APS policy on lockboxes?

A. They may be allowed on some commercial installations if a facility cannot comply with the APS 24/7 access policy; they are not allowed on residential installations.  We have updated our interconnection requirements to clarify the commercial facility exception.


Q.  Does APS have a guide to reading meters? A. Yes.  Instructions for reading bi-directional and non-standard (production) meters are at  Regardless of type, a meter’s display cycles through several fields of data, but total kWh flashes immediately after the time is shown.  If customers need help, they may call 602-328-1924 or 1-800-659-8148 for assistance.


Q.  (1) Can APS show more fields on the installer report?  (2) If an installer is also listed as the dealer, can the online application navigation be changed so that you stay in the application after one certification has been processed and more quickly complete the other certification?  (3) Can a comments section be added to the installer view to provide more transparency on redlines?  (4) Can you add a message center to broadcast application queue/work flow “APS is processing applications submitted on XXX date.”  (5) Can APS clarify language in approval emails to reduce customer confusion? A.  We liked these suggestions, and we have completed item (2) already.  It’s our hope to implement all of these changes; please stay tuned.


Q.  Can APS review interconnection applications redlines in a separate queue, rather than the customer going to the back of the line based on the newer submittal date? A.  We are open to both collapsing steps and changing the redline review procedure, and are reviewing these streamline options internally right now. We’ll get back with you shortly.


Q.  For O&M, we don’t want to wait for APS to remove the lock, seal, or meter.  How can we proceed with our work? A.  We have a same-day service where APS will pull meters and then return to reinstall them—please utilize this document as your guide to contact APS for upgrades, de-rates, repairs, expansions, etc. Cutting locks/seals or removing meters is considered tampering and will be reported to law enforcement if warnings do not halt this practice.


Q. Will APS allow electronic signatures on the disclaimer document? A. Unfortunately, this is not possible while regulatory decision language requires APS to collect a “hand-signed” document.


Q. The online certification asks installers to verify they have been paid in full; is this segment of the certification still needed? A. No, it is not; the paid-in-full invoice is an artifact of our incentive program requirements and has been ruled as not applicable to the interconnection program. We are removing this language from the certifications. 


Q. Is APS making any outbound calls to customers that delay the meter set? A. APS encourages customers to call 602-328-1924 or 800-659-8148 regarding their service plans.  An outbound call to customers with specific services plans (such as combined advantage or electric vehicle rates, for example) is triggered by our meter set request.  To avoid delay, customers should return our call as soon as possible so that we can complete the meter set in a timely manner.


Q. Several permitting questions arose.  Is it okay with APS for Prescott Valley to require a reservation ID prior to issuing a permit?  Paradise Valley isn’t issuing green tags—how can we avoid delays in that circumstance?  A. The authorities having jurisdiction set their own rules, however, we have reached out to Yavapai County to explain that we no longer have an incentive program.  We explained that it is certainly best practice for the customer to receive interconnection approval prior to the system being built, but we understood that sometimes permit applications are sent to the AHJs in advance of when the APS interconnection application is submitted—this in itself does not violate our process. Regarding Paradise Valley, APS still receives clearances from them directly—we’ll continue to note the clearance in the application once the clearance desk posts it to the customer’s account (this occurs the same day it is received from the AHJ).


Now that we have held the interconnection workshop and published the 2015 revision of the interconnection requirements, we are using the updated requirements and associated plan documents as our guide, and changes are effective 3/30/2015.  To avoid delays, please use only the 2015 materials as your guide when developing your interconnection applications/designs, and email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions. 


Thank you!


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