Solar energy education takes on many forms - from a certificate program for professionals to topic-specific instruction for the DIY individual. Formal education is offered by universities, community colleges, technical colleges and on-line programs.  Whether you are looking for an educational offering for passive solar design, photovoltaic or solar water heating -- the State of Arizona has many organizations that teach concepts and applications of solar energy usage.  The following institutions have offered courses in the past. You may contact them directly for more information.

  • Arizona State University
    Lightworks at Arizona State University: ASU LightWorks
    ASU Lightworks is an umbrella organization of laboratories, departments, research centers and individual researchers with a focus on various forms of alternative energy sources, primarily solar, bioenergy and energy storage.
  • Chandler-Gilbert Community College
  • Coconino Community College
  • Gentle Strength University
  • Northern Arizona University
    Clean Energy Research and Education at Northern Arizona University: NAU - Clean Energy Research and Education
    The Clean Energy Research and Education Group provides society with broadly educated energy experts and new technologies, and helps shape energy decision-making in both the private and public sectors while increasing the public's energy literacy.
  • Pima Community College
  • Prescott College
    Environmental Studies and Sustainability curriculum and degree programs. Visit Prescott College Website for more information.
  • University of Arizona
    AzRISE at University of Arizona: Arizona Research Institute for Energy Solutions
    AzRISE (Arizona Research Institute for Energy Solutions) is a hub for cross-college energy science, policy and technology research and development, which benefits the public and enhances the land-grant mission of the University of Arizona. The Institute is a platform for energy experts, who work closely with industry, NGOs, government, and communities to address emerging energy challenges and opportunities.



  • Arizona Science Center - Call (602) 716-2000) to inquire about next offering.
  • Solar Institute - Visit the Solar Institute's Website for class locations/times.
  • Solar on-Line Learning Center - Solar Online provides training and education for employment and professional advancement in the renewable energy and sustainable building industries. Visit Solar on-Line's Website for class locations/times.
  • on-Line Courses - Visit Solar on-Line's Website for class locations/times.
  • IREC Workforce Education - Click here