The Vision of a Solar Arizona

An Arizona Virtual Solar Tour compiled by AZ Dept. of Commerce - Energy Office


Living with the Sun - Arizona Style

See examples of Arizonan's living with the sun.
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Wind Turbines

Wind Energy

(Photos by Martin J. Pasqualetti, unless noted otherwise)

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Passive, Trombe Wall, Photovoltaic and More

(Photos by Martin J. Pasqualetti, unless noted otherwise)

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Arizona Resource Maps - Wind, PV, Collocated Geothermal, Concentrating Solar Power, Biomass

(courtesy Tom Acker)

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Pool Pump, Tracking Array

(courtesy Lane Garrett)

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Solar Installation (residential)

(courtesy Sean Seitz)

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Passive Solar - Gallery

(courtesy Jim Arwood and Arizona Solar Center)

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Solar and Wind Systems - Intelligence Center & Fort Huachuca (in Sierra Vista, AZ) - Gallery

(courtesy Bill Stein, Fort Huachuca)

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Solar Cooking - Gallery

(courtesy Barbara Kerr and Sherry Cole)

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Solar Applications in Arizona

Where's the solar? Check out these Arizona facilities that utilize solar energy and solar building design...

Pictures of Solar Facilities in Arizona

Guided Tour of Civano