tep 2019 logoBack in January 2015 Tucson Electric Power Company (TEP) and UniSource Energy Services (UES) set up a Voluntary Solar Contribution Program (VSCP) that directed contributions to a fund managed by the Arizona Community Foundation (ACF). The program was to be used to install solar photovoltaic systems on newly built residential single-family homes constructed by the Arizona chapters of Habitat for Humanity International ("Habitat") on Habitat homes for TEP customers. This was part of the approved TEP 2014 Renewable Energy Standard Implementation Plan and related Distributed Energy Administrative Plan.

Good intentions, but it never worked out.  In spite of a lot of publicity at the time (search "VOLUNTARY SOLAR CONTRIBUTION PROGRAM"), and an initial donation of $25,000 by TEP, Additionally, as shown by the most recent VSCP Report filed on September 28, 2018, no contributions have been made by another company or any member of the general public. The fund balance initially contributed by TEP and UNSE, now $24,684.91, is from its shareholders, not ratepayers. The total annual administrative costs were $500 in 2017 to maintain an online donation page on ACF's website and will be $750 in 2018. The fees are deducted monthly from the fund balance.

According to a docket filed with the Arizona Corporation Commission remaining accumulated funds should be donated to Habitat.  No solar photovoltaic systems were installed.