The Arizona Legislature is in session and there are some energy bills to oppose (HB2248, SB1175, HB2737)

Status of Bills:
HB 2248: Corporation Commission; Electric Generation Resources
This bill has made its way through the House of Representatives and was Third Read on 3/3/20201. It received 31 ayes, 28 nays and one not voting. The vote was split along party lines.

SB 1175: Corporation Commission; Electric Generation Resources
This bill is the mirrored version of HB 2248 from the House; however, this version has not made it as far in the process and has been retained on the Senate Committee of the Whole calendar twice now.

This week Arizona Public Service joined in publicly opposing both HB 2248 and SB 1175.

HB 2737: Corporation Commission Actions; Investigation
This bill would allow any legislator to challenge any non-ratemaking decision of the Arizona Corporation Commission by filing a complaint with the Arizona Attorney General’s office. If found to exceed the commission’s authority, the commission will lose 10% of its budget for the year. This bill passed through the House Committee of the Whole process on 3/4/2021, however, did receive opposition from both Democratic and Republican members. The bill has not moved forward to House Third Read.

Please continue to tell your state legislator to vote no on HB 2248, SB 1175 and HB 2737. It is imperative that we convey the negative impact passing these bills will have on the regulatory certainty that companies rely on to locate, relocate and grow. We need to protect our state’s economy, our health and our future. Email your representatives.

Here is a link to find your representatives