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Solar for Professionals

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Happy Holidays Green Reminders

  • Over 60 years of life, it is estimated that the average conifer tree will absorb 1 TON of Carbon Dioxide.
  • Reducing the carbon footprint of an artificial tree to that below a living tree takes 20 years of re-use.
    • Suggestion: buy a potted tree that can be replanted after the holidays; if you do get a cut tree, find your local after Christmas tree recycling facility.
  • The amount of holiday cards sent out every year could fill a ten-story football stadium.
    • Suggestion: send seasonal greetings through e-mail to reduce waste.
  • Most mass-produced holiday wrapping paper CANNOT by recycled.
    • Suggestion: use newspaper or old wallpaper as wrapping, or better yet, give a gift of your time or a donation to a charity, bypassing the gift wrap altogether!
  • One string of LED decorative lights uses on average 90% less energy than traditional lights.
(Submitted December 2009)
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Solar Hot Water: A Primer

HPmag bonus article©2001 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Go to Sidebar 1, Maintain Temperature Stratification in Your Tank
Go to Sidebar 2, Rust Never Sleeps: Open Loop vs. Closed Loop

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Solar Hot Water


Hot water.  It is a regular part of our daily lives.  It is used to clean our clothes, wash our dishes...

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All About Solar Cookers 7


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