Commissioners approved Tucson Electric Power Company’s (TEP) revised Distributed Generation Interconnection Manual. The creation of these manuals was required following the Commission passing rules dealing with the interconnection of distributed generation facilities. TEP’s manual lays out technical and safety requirements that customers within its service territory must follow when interconnecting a distributed generation system, such as residential and commercial solar projects, to the existing grid. The manual is meant to create a standardization process for customers.

TEP’s manual was initially approved at the Commission’s February 2022 Open Meeting, however, following the passage of AriSEIA proposed amendments at that meeting, a revision to the manual was necessary. After several meetings between AriSEIA, TEP, and ACC Staff, the manual was revised to include information regarding Meter Socket Adapters (MSA), detailing their use for generating facilities. The manual was updated to better preserve the Super-Fast Track and Fast Track designations, allowing for faster review tracks for qualified projects. The revised manual also clarifies study cost fees customers are responsible for prior to beginning any study. TEP’s revised manual does not prematurely require inverters to comply with the IEEE sections that are not yet developed or for which equipment is not yet capable of compliance. Further, the manual modified its requirements around transfer trip infrastructure so as not to be overly burdensome, thereby reducing costs for large installations. Finally, the revised manual includes an additional section that provides a list of scenarios meriting an extension of time.

All documents related to this agenda item can be found in the Corporation Commission’s online docket at https://edocket.azcc.gov and entering docket number E-01933A-20-0116.