Arizona Public Service Co. has introduced a Residential Battery Pilot Program.

The pilot is now available to APS residential customers who install residential battery systems, enroll in a TOU (Time of Use) or TOU-plus-demand service plan and commit to discharging their batteries during on-peak periods. (Note: Rate requirements are waived for customers on grandfathered solar rates.) The pilot will help APS learn about battery performance in a variety of conditions and how batteries may create value for customers through improved management of energy demand at their residence and help reduce stress on the electric grid. Customers will have two options to participate in the pilot: Data Only or Data and Battery Management.

With the Data Only option, the customer will agree to allow APS to access data associated with the battery system. The customer is eligible for an incentive of $500 per installed kWh for installed battery capacity, with a maximum incentive of $2,500 per home.

With the Data and Battery Management option, the customer will agree to allow APS access to data associated with the battery system and share up to 80% of the system’s capacity for a maximum of 100 events a year. The customer is eligible for an incentive of $500 per installed kWh for installed battery capacity plus an additional $1,250 per home, with a maximum combined incentive of $3,750 per home.

The customer incentive will be payable directly to the APS customer, with the exception that the APS customer may assign his or her incentive to an approved third party. In cases in which the customer assigns the incentive to the approved third party, the third party must demonstrate through documentation that they have compensated the customer for the full amount of the paid incentive amount approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC). This documentation is required before the incentive will be paid.

Installers or battery inverter manufacturers will assist customers with pilot enrollment in the resource operating platform as well as submitting an interconnection application to APS. Program started on October 4, 2021.  As of Mid-November 2021 only the SolarEdge EnergyHub system with the new SolarEdge Energy Bank 10kWh Battery is covered and some of the Enphase ac batteries. Details at

More information is available, see the 'Frequently Asked Questions' at this link.

Editorial note (December 2021): Reported that the SolarEdge Energy Bank 10kWh Battery will not be available until about March 2022.  The installer must be SolarEdge trained.