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September 25, 2016: The parable of the frog and boiling water is hundreds of years old. It has been used... https://t.co/O5PYqvxIJg
September 25, 2016: The parable of the frog and boiling water is hundreds of years old. It has been used... https://t.co/aZvOgKtbF3
September 11, 2016: Four years ago the issue of climate change did not come up even once in the three... https://t.co/Ct8xmeA5WY
August 26, 2016L Arizona regulator subpoenas APS in political influence prob . . It's been a heated summer in... https://t.co/KFXTGtDvhu
August 19, 2016: Arizona Public Service program aims to help schools cut energy costs . . .Arizona Public Service... https://t.co/1u19d5LzdJ
August 17, 2016: It's the Dawn of the Community Solar Farm . . . It’s like rooftop solar, without the rooftops. A... https://t.co/zk7W8WhCUc
August 16>2016: Arizona Corporation Commission utilities chief quits . . . The director of utilities for the... https://t.co/tceLzUzZDu
Auguts 15, 2016: Arizona turns to solar valuation after demand charge decision delayed . . . Arizona, home to... https://t.co/A6X3drGdx4
August 12, 2016: Arizona utility regulators voted 3-1 to block an investigation sought by Commissioner Robert... https://t.co/eDJdMUQOZg
August 10, 2016: Holy Grail of energy policy is in sight as battery technology smashes the old order . . . The... https://t.co/rHjshojgrC
August 8, 2016: Arizona Public Service, the state’s largest electric utility, will spend up to $4 million on a... https://t.co/sVTwyiqczo
July 29, 2016: Consumers seeking to hire electricians, remodelers, solar-panel installers, repairmen and other... https://t.co/JOJekOEXKi
July 28, 2016: High schoolers get hands-on experience with the science behind solar at Arizona State... https://t.co/S801V27dS2
July 26, 2016: With 1.1 GW of renewables expected on its system by 2030, TEP is looking for ways to bolster the... https://t.co/OkNPQDc9Oh
July 20, 2016 The Arizona Corporation Commission recently approved new programs being rolled out by the Arizona... https://t.co/WNCJYhVY0z
July 14, 2016: In 2014, APS received 8,100 applications from customers asking to switch to solar. In 2015, that... https://t.co/dLYKYj9lnK
July 16, 2016: Route 66, a highway made famous for attracting gas-guzzling Chevrolet Bel Airs traveling from... https://t.co/lVkJJEWJjk
July 14, 2016: UniSource Energy Services (UES) has added 37 MW of solar capacity to its portfolio with the... https://t.co/tRGgathsqP
July 13, 2016: State and federal officials praised a bipartisan bill that would encourage renewable energy... https://t.co/Uy6dWMJhK8
August 6, 2016: On Aug. 9, the Arizona Corporation Commission will vote on the Unisource Energy (UNSE) proposal... https://t.co/FrGBltxAmF
July 10, 2016: Bryan Miller recently left his position with Sunrun and his advocacy position with the Alliance... https://t.co/NMCu0qbNFW
July 10, 2016: The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC), which regulates public utilities and telecommunications... https://t.co/lrMPfy7zHL
July 7, 2016: The Federal Bureau of Investigation spent nearly an hour and a half last week interviewing a... https://t.co/zeNypIst9j
July 6, 2016: The solar market is on track to break growth records this year, but analysts say the numbers may... https://t.co/3eoQhYeUkJ

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The parable of the frog and boiling water is hundreds of years old. It has been used throughout history as a metaphor for circumstances in life when people are unable to see gradual change around them.

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