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Solar Organizations in Arizona

Read about and contact one of the many solar energy organization is Arizona: Arizona Solar Center, Arizona Solar Energy Association, Arizona Solar Energy Industries Association, City of Scottsdale Green Building Program, and the Greater Tucson Coalition for Solar Energy...

The Future of Solar in Arizona

A summary of the measurement of renewable resources and the status of their development in Arizona, along with eight questions about solar power in Arizona and a presentation prepared for the Governor of Arizona as a report of the Arizona Solar Energy Advisory Council (ASEAC) on the current status and future potential of solar energy in the state.


Solar Tours in Arizona

A place to find information on solar home/building tours that occur every year throughout Arizona. See previous year's tour maps, read about homes and buildings along tours, and read news articles about home tours.

Our Image Gallery - Virtual Tours

Hundreds of images here - Image sets include: "Living with the Sun - Arizona Style", Arizona Virtual Solar Tours, examples of solar applications in Arizona, wind energy; passive, Trombe wall, PV, solar installation; solar cooking and Arizona resource maps, including wind, PV, collocated geothermal, concentrating solar, biomass, solar radiation.


Solar Videos

Video titles include: Pioneers of the Sun, Masters of the Sun, Plugging into the Sun and Cool Way to Hot Water. Offered for download or video stream.

Arizona Testing Facilities & Demonstration Sites

There are several locations in Arizona dedicated to research, testing and demonstration of solar energy systems and equipment. Learn about the STAR Center and the State Energy Office Demonstration Projects here...

Resource Maps

Wind, Solar Photovoltaic, Collocated Geothermal, Concentrating Solar Power, Biomass, and US Solar Radiation. Courtesy, US Department of Energy, NREL; map descriptions by Tom Acker.

AzSC Blog

The Story of the Year is Fake

“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”  --Winston Churchill

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