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April Rewind

May 2, 2014

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The April Rewind


Over the past month the Arizona Solar Center continued to track legislative bills in our new legislative tracker. The session ended  April 23rd. The Solar Center's Board of Directors met in April to discuss a new website design for the AzSC website and plans to overhaul and update the website's content. Stayed tuned for more developments with the website in the coming months.  We also have been busy tracking a lot of developing stories of interest to the solar community via our  Facebook page. See some of the news and issues you may have missed in our April Rewind presented below.


Jim Arwood

Communications Director
Arizona Solar Energy Center


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Leased Solar Panels are facing property tax

An Arizona Department of Revenue new interpretation of an existing rule is causing concern in the solar community that leased solar panels will be assessed property tax. If the tax is assessed, all solar leased systems in Arizona will be subject to this "new" tax.



The Koch Attach on Solar Energy

Non-profit organizations with funding from "carbon industries" have been running ads likening renewable-energy requirements to health care reform. The ads are banking on the reference to President Obama will motivate people disenchanted with the President to oppose policies and laws supporting renewable energy. 

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From Sin City to Wind City 

This week,Sin City will be transformed into Wind City. Students from Northern Arizona University provide this behind-the-scenes look at their team's participation in the Department of Energy's inaugural Collegiate Wind Competition in Las Vegas.

NAU's Collegiate Wind Competition Team 2014 

NAU's Collegiate Wind Competition Team 2014


TUSD Solar Panels Expected to Save Taxpayers Money

Tucson Unified School District is installing solar panels on 40 schools throughout the district and anticipates saving $11 million over 20 years.
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What Are Residential Solar Adopters Thinking?

So we know that homeowners have a number of reasons for going solar. Now, a University of Arizona study plans to delve deeper into the question, to see what really motivates homeowners to go solar.
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Large New Solar System Unveiled at ASU

Arizona Public Service Co. officials helped unveil large new solar arrays at Arizona State University on April 28.
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Arizona Solar Center Mission

The mission of the Arizona Solar Center is to enhance the utilization of renewable energy, educate Arizona's residents on solar technology developments, support commerce and industry in the development of solar and other sustainable technologies and coordinate these efforts throughout the state of Arizona.

Special Open Meeting
May 7, 2014 - 10:00 a.m.

Workshop on Value and Cost of Distributed Generation 

Hearing Room One

Arizona Corporation Commission 

1200 W. Washington Street

Phoenix, AZ 85007

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April Blogs


The Arizona Solar Center's Sun Day Blog welcomes dialogue around posted topics. Your expertise and perspective are highly valued -- so if you haven't logged in and contributed, please do so.



April 13: The Tucson Solar Potluck: A Who's Who of Solar in Arizona. This Sun Day blog is devoted to solar in it most basic and simplest form - and the people using this solar application.


April 6: The Benefits of Solar: Will Anybody Listen? Arizona is about to begin an important discussion on the cost benefits of solar energy. The discussion is scheduled for May 7 as part of a series of workshops at the Arizona Corporation Commission.



Sunrise Part V: Interview with author John Perlin

Happy Birthday
On April 25th the world celebrated the 60th birthday of the silicon solar cell. On April 25, 1954, researchers from Bell Laboratories impressed reporters by hooking up a hand-sized silicon panel to a toy Ferris wheel, aiming light at the device and making the wheel turn. Sixty years later, solar is turning the wheels of our economy, employing 143,000 people in the U.S. and generating enough energy to power 2.2 million homes.





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