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March Rewind

March 30, 2014

The March Rewind


During March, the Arizona Solar Center launched a legislative tracker on its website. Meanwhile, the Facebook page was tracking a lot of developing stories of interest to the solar community. See some of the news and issues you may have missed in our March Rewind presented below.


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Utilities Most Likely To Fall In Death Spiral

Morningstar placed Pinnacle West (APS parent company) on the list of three most likely utilities to suffer the death spiral.  



Made in the "SHADE"

Team members of SHADE, an innovative dwelling designed and built for the desert by a team of ASU and University of New Mexico students, gave former President Bill Clinton a tour of their solar house that is now on location at Steele Indian Park in downtown Phoenix. SHADE team with Bill Clinton




Steven Chu Solves Utility Companies' Death Spiral

"You need a better business model. So I'm telling utility companies, this is coming down the line, so let's think of a new business model where you can profit from this," Steven Chu, former US Secretary of Energy.


From Mines to Megawatts the Promise of Conflict Free Big-Solar

Arizona startup Green Energy Storage wants to transform an abandoned open-pit copper mine 45 miles south of Phoenix into a large-scale solar power and pumped-hydro storage facility.
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Concentrated Solar Power -- Did It Miss Its Chance

While state mandates and financial incentives are driving solar energy production, each technology must ultimately prove its worth in the marketplace. With new CSP units coming on line, the pressure is on - especially as they compete against solar rooftop developers, who now have the inside track.
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Tucson Going After Tesla's New Jobs

The city of Tucson has made a formal proposal to become the home of a $5 billion "gigafactory" for lithium-ion batteries for electric cars.
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Arizona's Solar Fight Moves to Tax Credits



Jim Arwood

Communications Director
Arizona Solar Energy Center

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Energy Spark

Energy Spark

The Governor's Office of Energy Policy created the video Energy Spark as a primer on energy in the State of Arizona.







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