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December Rewind

January 4, 2014

The Sun At Work -- Virtual Exhibition of Photographs

The Sun At Work -- Virtual Exhibition of Photographs

The Sun At Work Virtual Exhibition


Sixty years ago the International Solar Energy Society was launched in Phoenix.  A group of industrial, financial and agricultural leaders established the Association for Applied Solar Energy as a non-profit organization. The following year, two important meetings were held in Tucson and Phoenix, attracting more than 1000 scientists, engineers and government officials from 36 different countries. The Phoenix event was highlighted by an exhibit of solar technology. This issue of The Sun Day Times celebrates that event and the progress over the past 60 years with our special two-minute: The Sun At Work -- A Virtual Exhibition Of Photographs. 

December Rewind

See some of the solar news you may have missed in our December Rewind presented below.



APS powers up four solar systems with 62 megawatts

Last month, APS began receiving power from four new solar power plants generating 62 megawatts of clean energy. The solar plants that came on-line include the 18-megawatt Foothills Phase II plant and the 14-megawatt Hyder II plant, both owned by APS and located near Yuma.  The 15-megawatt Badger and Gillespie solar power plants are located on federal lands in western Arizona and are selling their output to APS.



SRP to lower solar prices

Salt River Project plans to lower prices for its Community Solar program because interest in the project has been extremely low with the availability of cheaper, cost-saving rooftop solar panels. SRP introduced its Community Solar program in 2011 with the clean energy coming from its 20-megawatt Copper Crossing Solar Ranch in Florence. SRP customers can purchase power from the plant in a program that mimics a customer having solar on their own roof. The new proposed price is 9.9 cents per kilowatt-hour for residential customers and 8.9 cents for businesses or schools.

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Solar Captures Sun and Creates Shade At Tucson Airport

The 1-MW first phase of a 2.5-MW solar parking lot canopy installation at Tucson International Airport photovoltaic array, is now operational.  The installation offsets about a fifth of the terminal's power needs. 
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Prescott, Scottsdale seize solar energy to power parishes

Two parishes in the Diocese of Phoenix are leading the way in stewardship efforts when it comes to harnessing Arizona's sunshine. Blessed Sacrament Parish in Scottsdale and Prescott's Sacred Heart Parish and School expect to generate a majority of their electricity from their new rooftop solar systems. 
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Solar Net Metering battle one of the top energy stories in Phoenix 

In Arizona, solar became hot for what participants would consider some not-so-good reasons.  Solar was a big topic for a battle between installers and APS over how much the utility paid customers for excess power, known as net metering. APS proposed $50 to $100 increases to solar customers' monthly bills to help defray costs to non-solar customers.

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Commissioners OK incentives for solar water heaters

The ACC approved $500,000 in incentives for solar water heaters in APS territory next year. The incentives will help APS meet its renewable-energy standard, which requires the utility to get 15 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2025

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Jim Arwood

Communications Director
Arizona Solar Energy Center


December Blogs


The Arizona Solar Center's Sun Day Blog welcomes dialogue around posted topics. Your expertise and perspective are highly valued -- so if you haven't logged in and contributed, please do so.



Sun Day
Dec. 29, 2013 

This year marked the 35th anniversary of Sun Day - May 3, 1978. President Jimmy Carter proclaimed that day as "Sun Day" and called upon the American people to observe the occasion with appropriate activities and ceremonies to demonstrate the potential of solar energy. As we close out 2013, it is a good time to look back at how far we have come since those days as we remember the top ten solar new stories of the year in Arizona. (Read more) 


The Rising Sun
Dec. 22, 2013 

The popular viewpoint that solar energy is an expensive form of electricity is dwindling, undone by significant cost reductions in recent years. And although the industry itself remains in its infancy, costs have dropped so dramatically that cost parity has been in achieved in certain areas. The real game changer, however, may be yet to come. 

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A New Era For Solar Power
Dec. 15, 2013 

Technological improvements, plummeting solar equipment costs and increases in the price of traditional energy sources have all contributed to solar energy becoming an economical alternative to traditional energy sources in certain situations. While we are now living in a new era of solar power, there is yet more change on the horizon.  The Arizona Corporation Commission has opened a docket to foster discussion into the innovations that are making inroads into the energy services sector. 

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