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August 2013

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Renewables must be a part of their own conversation

Amory Lovins of the Rocky Mountain Institute blogs on the RMI website about the disinformation campaign focusing on renewable energy. Lovins cites a report that shows only 10 percent of articles focusing on renewables even contained comment from a spokesperson from the renewable energy industry.  



Solar is from Mars - Utilities are from Venus                   

Eran MahrerEran Mahrer, formerly Director of Renewable Energy at APS and now the Executive Vice President of Research & Strategy at the Solar Electric Power Association, writes in a recent blog for Renewable Energy World, that utilities and renewable energy advocates seem to be talking past each other in the daytime summer drama known as net metering. "Unfortunately, it seems as though the only discussions receiving attention these days are the "battle cries" or an "us versus them" mentality. Those discussions are carefully drawing lines in the sand - aiming for popular opinion and policymakers to help cement those positions.



Utilities Fight Back Against Residential Solar Advantages

Travis Hoium, The Motley FoolThe latest debate in Arizona over solar energy has caught the eye of investment guru/sage The Motley Fool. In an August 7 article "The Fool" writes: "Should solar owners have to pay something for use of the grid? Maybe, because the grid does offer a service, but there are auxiliary benefits that serve the public's best interest, such as lower fuel consumption, reduced stress on existing transmission and distribution lines, new jobs, and more. Some would argue that these factors should be weighed heavily, especially in an area where a company like APS is given a government approved monopoly. It also doesn't help that APS is currently asking for the world instead of reasonable fees for solar owners."


APS Solar proposal falls short for Arizona 

Lucy MasonFormer Prescott City Council member and Republican state legislator, Lucy Mason, writes in a Prescott Courier Op-Ed piece that the APS proposed net-metering rule change is a win-lose proposition that must be rejected.


The mission of the Arizona Solar Center is to enhance the utilization of renewable energy, educate Arizona's residents on solar technology developments, support commerce and industry in the development of solar and other sustainable technologies and coordinate these efforts throughout the state of Arizona. 




Jim Arwood
Arizona Solar Energy Center





Arizona Corporation Commissioner Susan Bitter-Smith spoke to a nearly full-house August 15th at an Arizona Solar Center Meet-Up lecture. The Commissioner outlined the process for submitting comments to the docket for consideration in the upcoming Net-Metering hearing.



Arizona Solar Water Heating Summit

Arizona's Solar Water Heating and Cooling industry is coming together for a daylong session designed to bring greater awareness to solar water heating technologies and to maintain the high standards and performance that the industry has delivered to Arizona ratepayers. The Arizona Solar Water Heating and Cooling Summit, which will take place on August 28, is designed to be a forum for industry members and other interested stakeholders. Further information can be obtained by contacting Michael Neary at 623-587-6432 or 602-708-1497.




Az Solar Center
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Sunrise Part I: The history of solar electricity -- an interview with author John Perlin



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