Green Building Education Series: 

Green Building Webinar - Creating a Healthy, Energy Efficient and Low Carbon Home

JANUARY 13, 2022 6 TO 7 PM  
Electric Vehicles, Battery Storage & Electrification  

Sharon Bonesteel
Sharon Bonesteel, Energy Storage System Safety Leader, SRP Product Development  
SRP is committed to reducing carbon emissions/ and supporting EV adoption is part of this. There are more than 41000 electric vehicle owners within SRP's electric service territory. EVs are powered by the grid. Electric utilities want to ensure that it's ready for the increasing number of EVs expected to hit the road in the coming years. A battery storage system integrates into a home's electrical system and allows for the storage and use of electrical energy. With the right application/ battery storage systems can help smooth demand spikes/ reduce the burden on the grid and lower a customer's demand costs.Date: DECEMBER 9, 2021 6 TO 7:30PM

Location:  Delivered via Zoom Video Conferencing.   Click to Register

Admission: The lecture series is sponsored by the Scottsdale Green Building Program. The lectures are free and open to the public.

Contact: Anthony Floyd, green building program manager, city of Scottsdale, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 480-312-4202.


Scottsdale kicks off new webinar series

Scottsdale’s new webinar series will feature industry experts discuss timely topics and opportunities related to electrification, battery storage, electric vehicles, energy efficiency, renewables, edible landscapes, green healthy living and a showcase of innovative low-carbon green built projects. The webinars are free.

FEBRUARY 10, 2022 6 TO 7:30 PM
Living in a Healthy Edible Landscape
Joan Baron, Environmental Artist, Master Gardener
Come join in the conversation and be inspired to grow as urban gardeners share the benefits and how-to's of growing your own healthy food/ herbs/ edible flowers and fruit trees in our desert environment. Learn about our planting and harvesting seasons. Find out about the wide range of community gardens available for you to participate.

APRIL 7, 2022 6 TO 7:30 PM
Green Living
Dorie Morales, Publisher, Green Living Magazine
Green Living magazine is a premier eco-conscious lifestyle magazine centered on your daily life and the way you express yourself as you live/ work/ and play green. We offer the latest in products/ fashion/ well ness/ and home while empowering you to make a difference in our environment. Our content is modern and has a wide-spread reach. Green Living magazine is designed to inspire you with new ideas and resources to lead you to a more sustainable you.

JUNE 2, 2022 6 TO 7:30PM
Scottsdale's Showcase of New Green Residential & Commercial Buildings
What are the latest green building trends and prototypes? Come see and hear about new residential and commercial projects that exemplify principles of resource conservation, low carbon energy and healthy living.