Sunday, April 23rd, 2017 - 11:44 pm 
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The Western Governors' Association is active in coordinating cross-border efforts to establish effective energy policies. The following reports describe their efforts as of July 2013:

  • State of Energy 2013: provides a factual account of energy resources and issues in the West. The central feature is a thorough overview of energy resource reserves and extraction, the infrastructure used to transport electricity and energy commodities, and the utilization of energy resources and technologies in the region.
  • Energy Perspectives 2013: features essays authored by individual Western Governors and Canadian Premiers on different topics on energy. In each essay, the authoring Governor or Premier provides insights gained from their efforts to best serve the priorities of their constituents.
    • The report includes an essay by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer on page 15. Click here for the excerpt.
  • 10 Year Energy Vision 2013 - Goals & Objectives: is a set of regional goals and objectives the Governors have agreed should guide energy development, use and energy policy in the West. 

  • Annual Report 2012-2013: addresses a variety of topics inlcluding energy, and so provides context for the Association's specifically energy related initiatives. (Please note: file size is quite large, approx. 15 MB.)

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