Saturday, April 29th, 2017 - 9:16 am 
(Arizona time)
  1. I am writing a paper on solar energy for school. Where do I find information on this topic? Fast answer
  2. Is the Arizona Solar Center hiring? Where can I find a job in the renewable energy sector? Fast answer
  3. Are there organizations in Arizona that offer internships in solar energy? Fast answer
  4. Photovoltaics (PV)
  5. Solar water heating
  6. Passive solar
  7. What solar energy events/lectures can I attend? AzSC link
  8. Where can I find current solar energy news highlights? AzSC link
  9. Where can I find other sources of information about:
  10. Where do I find solar energy books and other literature? AzSC link
  11. How is solar used and energy reduced here in the desert southwest? AzSC link
  12. What Arizona utility companies are currently using photovoltaic (PV) systems? Fast answer
  13. What is "Power Tower" and how can it produce 10 million watts of electricity? AzSC link (Sandia National Labs "R&D 100" Awards 2000 PDF file - 1.34MB)
  14. What are the mirrors and solar panels near the intersection of University and McClintock in Tempe? AzSC link
  15. What university departments offer curriculum and degrees in solar energy in Arizona? AzSC link
  16. Is there a required "solar contractors" license in Arizona? Fast answer
  17. Solar cooking - I am making a solar cooker. What is the best absorbing material or paint that I can use to coat the surface in order to maximize solar heating? Fast answer
  18. Tax Credits - Is an individual who designs and installs his or her own solar energy device entitled to take the solar energy credit? Fast answer
  19. Solar Panel Size - If you have a solar panel with 25 individual panels, is it really different compared to one large panel of the same size. Why is it different? Fast answer
  20. Where can I find data on the solar angle-of-direct-incidence for various times of day and year? NREL link.

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