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What Goes Around – Comes Around

For my journey home on the light rail recently, I was fortunate enough to have been given a whole pizza, courtesy of the Young Democrats.

During the ride, a homeless man asked if he could have a slice. Enthusiastically, I gave him the whole pizza.

As we rode along, and needing to make a call, I asked the woman next to me if I could borrow her cell phone.


Moments later I noticed a couple other people in our car ask the homeless man if he would share his pizza. Although he hadn't eaten in two days, he readily gave them a few slices of his pizza.

The man's name was Duke, and he was from Parker, Arizona. He came to the Valley because his mother-in-law had recently passed away. Although Duke has no possessions, he has a tremendously big heart.

I asked him why he gave half of his pizza to other people, and what he described to me simplified everything I have ever learned about sustainability.

"What goes around comes around. That woman gave you a cellphone, you gave me food, I gave them food. What goes around will come around again."

Duke understood that our world is interconnected, that all of our actions, no matter how small, make an impact and have purpose.

That night, Duke inspired me to keep working hard because one day I want to ensure that I live in a world where people like Duke have a home, and have food in their stomach. Whether I'm in politics, in business, or wherever I am, I will remember that what I do matters, no matter how seemingly big, or small.

Jimmy Arwood
ASU student
Guest Blogger

Question: Living more sustainably can take many forms. What are some examples of sustainable living you have encountered?

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