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State Solar

  • Arizona - Arizona Corporation Commission
    The ACC regulates utilities, corporations and securities in the state. The Commissioners have the ultimate responsibility for final decisions on granting or denying utility rate adjustments, enforcing safety and public service requirements, and approving securities matters.

  • Arizona - Arizona Public Service's (APS) Green Choice Program
    APS' Green Choice Rates are an easy and affordable way to make use of renewable energy resources.

  • Arizona - Arizona Smart Power
    Arizona Smart Power specializes in helping residential consumers understand and compare the bids they are getting from photovoltaic or solar thermal dealers – and to understand the solar installation process.

  • Arizona - Arizona Solar Energy Industries Association (AriSEIA)
    The Arizona Solar Energy Industries Association is a non-profit trade association representing local, national and international solar companies in the Arizona market.

  • Arizona - Arizona Solar Racing Team
  • The official website for the University of Arizona solar racing team.
  • Arizona - Arizona State University (ASU) LightWorks Solar Initiative
    LightWorks pulls light-inspired research at ASU under one strategic framework. It is a multi-disciplinary effort to leverage ASU’s unique strengths, particularly in renewable energy fields including artificial photosynthesis, biofuels, and next-generation photovoltaics.

  • Arizona - Arizona State University (ASU) Sustainability - Energy Conservation
    Describes ASU's commitment to reducing its energy consumption and increasing energy efficiency on campus.

  • Arizona - Arizona State University (ASU) Polytechnic Campus, Alternative Energy Technologies Concentration
    Electronics Engineering Technology (Alternative Energy Technologies) degree program.

  • Arizona - Governor's Office of Energy Policy
    The GOEP provides a wide variety of information on energy programs, policy, projects, energy-saving strategies and energy-related statistics.

  • Arizona - Salt River Project's (SRP) EarthWise Program
    SRP EarthWise Energy is a voluntary program that SRP customers can join for as little as $3 per month, with 100% of dollars helping to build solar projects for non-profit organizations in the Valley.

  • Arizona - Tucson Electric Power's (TEP) Renewable Energy Programs
    TEP offers home and business incentive programs for renewable energy technologies.

  • California - California Energy Commission's "Energy Quest"
    Energy Quest is the award-winning energy education website of the California Energy Commission.

  • California - California Energy Commission
    The California Energy Commission is the state's primary energy policy and planning agency.

  • Colorado - Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI)
    RMI is dedicated to research, publication, consulting, and lecturing in the general field of sustainability. It's mission is to drive the efficient and restorative use of resources.

  • Florida - Florida Solar Energy Center
    The Florida Solar Energy Center is a research institute of the University of Central Florida.

  • Nevada - Nevada Solar Living
    Nevada Solar Living was created to provide information about solar power and other forms of renewable energy.

  • New Mexico - KTAO Taos, New Mexico Solar Radio
    KTAOS is a radio station at 101.9 FM powered by solar energy.

  • New Mexico - New Mexico Solar Energy Association
    The New Mexico Solar Energy Association is an educational 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting solar energy and related sustainable practices.

  • North Carolina - North Carolina Solar Center
    The North Carolina Solar Center, at N.C. State University, advances a sustainable energy economy by educating, demonstrating and providing support for clean energy technologies, practices, and policies.

  • Texas - SolarAustin
    Solar Austin is a non-profit organization working to accelerate the transition to clean renewable energy, building healthy communities, strong economies, and energy independence.

  • Texas - Texas Solar Energy Society (TXSES)
    The TXSES mission is to increase the awareness of the potential of solar energy and other renewable energy applications and to promote the wise use of sustainable and non-polluting resources.

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