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April 20: On Earth day, Valley Metro will begin powering its new rail operations and maintenance center with... http://t.co/TGT9eCbg4G
April 20: Vision Produce Co. is installing a solar power generation system at its produce distribution center in... http://t.co/Rpo6TccjBV
April 9: Media watchdog group says Republic Columnist is off-base in criticism to Clean Energy Plan Op-Ed by... http://t.co/HbdWN8NSRb
April 4:Arizona utilities have been battling with rooftop solar-electric companies over rates, and the solar... http://t.co/BfyRWYO7LK
March 30: March 30: Tucson Electric Power last week asked utility regulators to alter the way solar customers are... http://t.co/J8XIj8gZf9
March 29: US EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy discusses implementation of the Clean Power Plan (111d). http://t.co/IXF6CYHLPD
March 29: The debate over climate change is largely settled, and most Americans understand that one of the best... http://t.co/nkUmtWH0Ej
March 26: Arizona State University officials said they are strong supporters of solar despite a donation to a... http://t.co/NqQPsujWSQ
March 25: New, Tucson Electric Power home solar customers who use net metering to save on their electric bills... http://t.co/Lr6RAykiyC
March 22: The President Obama took action last week to ensure 25% of the federal government's energy consumption... http://t.co/hJeikWiy69
March 22: Consumers may soon have the option of purchasing a do-it-yourself rooftop solar photovoltaic system at... http://t.co/mJELLrvrHF
March 21: Reuters reports that several countries in Europe, "claimed success on Friday in managing the... http://t.co/ZPIf03CKbx
March 20: On the morning of Friday, March 20, a major solar eclipse will hit Europe. The eclipse will create an... http://t.co/t3TJU1aY4t
March 17: The City of Yuma will dedicate two solar array fields on Friday, March 20 that will provide power to... http://t.co/urH7aj5OQh
March 15: With the tremendous demands being made on our planet’s natural resources, it is essential that we... http://t.co/52ttjw9cPq
I posted a new photo to Facebook http://t.co/H4Q12plUbC
March 10: The ASU Foundation, chaired by Bill Post (former chairman and CEO of APS' parent company Pinnacle... http://t.co/2GFuj6t65S
March 9: The War On Solar -- The electric utility industry and its fossil-fuel supporters are waging a campaign... http://t.co/gZMsySMMQN
March 4: According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Arizona has the potential to host more than... http://t.co/VQf98FoDtZ
March 4: SolarCity says in its suit: Given the sheer magnitude of the increases for new distributed solar... http://t.co/aSFr6dzMzw
February 28: Tucson-based Asarco LLC christened a 35-megawatt project on 225 acres near its Mission Mine on... http://t.co/Lf5VsggxRn
February 27: SolarCity, the largest rooftop solar installer in Arizona, has threatened to sue SRP over the new... http://t.co/4sQqLDWHDp
February 27: SRP Board implements demand charges on solar customers and raises rates all customers. . http://t.co/iYJ7GITcVk
February 21: For the past decade SRP’s solar policies were designed to help increase the demand for solar and... http://t.co/KVghH9WJPH
February 22:

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While most solar arrays here on the East Coast (including the 24 kW ground-mounted system at the Solar Industry offices) proved to be physically resilient when Superstorm Sandy came barreling through in late October, these largely grid-tied systems were unable to come to the rescue when the power went out.



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The debate over climate change is largely settled, and most Americans understand that one of the best weapons to reduce climate altering emissions is for individuals to employ passive solar strategies and adopt renewable energy technologies.

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