Tuesday, November 25th, 2014 - 2:41 pm 
(Arizona time)

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While the public was focused on election returns on November 4, the Arizona Corporation Commission staff must... http://t.co/WKCfvjoMBF
The ACC has made it easier to submit comments to a particular case before the commission. The web site... http://t.co/iRNYmmniP0
Nov 10: Deutsche Bank analyst predicts rooftop solar PV will reach grid parity in 50 US states by 2016 – up from... http://t.co/VL6D4vzwQO
Nov. 10: Az Republic Op-Ed recommends keeping energy efficiency standard for Arizona. http://t.co/1O9teRiuwL
What should Americans make of the 2014 mid-term elections and its implications for energy policy? At the national... http://t.co/orgVsCELED
What should Americans make of the 2010 mid-term elections and its implications for energy policy? At the... http://t.co/4nPeV1yHeh
Nov. 7: ACC staff give thumbs up to TEP plan to build and own 3.5 MW of residential rooftop solar -- and thumbs... http://t.co/1vNVAPCjNR
Nov. 6: The Arizona Corporation Commission's staff has recommended that its commissioners reject a controversial... http://t.co/ZuNk9hTeIz
Nov. 6: The ACC has proposed eliminating the state's efficiency standard that requires electric utilities to... http://t.co/pBsrSGSiN7
Nov. 4: Tucson Electric Power is accepting nominations for the second annual TEP BrightEE Awards, which... http://t.co/28aBQIcQna
I posted a new photo to Facebook http://t.co/tQCS0IM0Yk
Nov. 1: Sierra Vista Herald Op-Ed states the outcome of the election will impact the future of solar in Arizona. http://t.co/qXUaW9b493
Oct 31: The reason solar-power generation will increasingly dominate: it’s a technology, not a fuel. As such,... http://t.co/YwhRsEunW8
Oct. 29: Solar installation rates soaring in Tucson . . . . http://t.co/loohO9CAOq
Oct. 28: With more than 20,000 panels, the 6.4 MW rooftop array that covers 20 acres atop the Mandalay Bay... http://t.co/KveaBvVUAx
Oct. 27: All trees convert sunlight into chemical energy, but now there are trees that convert sunlight into... http://t.co/7JvuDZ4yxB
The Sun Day blog . . .Republicans are attacking Democrats for supporting President Obama’s environmental... http://t.co/Cw16NZvRS9
The Sun Day blog . . .Republicans are attacking Democrats for supporting President Obama’s environmental... http://t.co/2EFrWOQVrt
The Sun Day blog . . .Republicans are attacking Democrats for supporting President Obama’s environmental... http://t.co/kCjmNnOVQj
Oct/ 24: The price of utility-scale solar power is 59 percent below where analysts thought it would be at this... http://t.co/N2XjXY2KEe
Oct. 24: Green envy in Connecticut . . . new report says the single most important factor driving whether a given... http://t.co/UhouxQW9vl
Oct. 24: Edison Electric Institute, the utility industry trade group, lobbies the Congressional Black Caucus to... http://t.co/T0wVffRDcZ
Oct. 24: APS guest editorial promotes expansion into the rooftop solar business. http://t.co/tNhcSuupsa
Oct. 23: Rocky Mountain Power is involved in multiple skirmishes in Utah with clean-energy advocates that could... http://t.co/XrcdPRjtMU
Oct. 23: The Seattle Mariners Spring Training complex in Peoria, has been fitted with a 345 kilowatt solar array... http://t.co/1KEKcz6LnF

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The renewable energy industry is at a tipping point as the developed markets start to close the door on generous subsidy programs and emerging markets develop cost strategies to compete with fossil fuels, according to Ernst & Young's latest quarterly global renewable energy country attractiveness indices report released today.


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