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February 28: Tucson-based Asarco LLC christened a 35-megawatt project on 225 acres near its Mission Mine on... http://t.co/Lf5VsggxRn
February 27: SolarCity, the largest rooftop solar installer in Arizona, has threatened to sue SRP over the new... http://t.co/4sQqLDWHDp
February 27: SRP Board implements demand charges on solar customers and raises rates all customers. . http://t.co/iYJ7GITcVk
February 21: For the past decade SRP’s solar policies were designed to help increase the demand for solar and... http://t.co/KVghH9WJPH
February 22:
February 19: Salt River Project managers made minor revisions Thursday to their solar rate-hike proposal that... http://t.co/MLdx32Ewbw
SRP meeting is 9:30 a.m. Thursday, February 19 at SRP Pera Club, 1 E. Continental Drive, Tempe. Follow... http://t.co/y2k2aCVB9C
Feb. 15: For the second time in 18 months fairness is being defined from the utility point of view. Maybe someday... http://t.co/LAFHiFaJ2c
Feb. 14: The Solar Foundation’s solar jobs census put Arizona’s 9,170 solar jobs in 2014 behind only California,... http://t.co/974BL7SB2d
Feb. 14: 20,000 cows in Buckeye are providing renewable energy every time they contribute to the farm's manure... http://t.co/e3D2TuIsf4
Feb.11: Columnist Robert Robb makes the argument that the proposed SRP demand charge for rooftop solar owners is... http://t.co/d2R0vjcsAy
February 10: The world-record-tying 550-megawatt photovoltaic solar plant in Southern California, formally... http://t.co/OFnCqeh5vC
February 7: February 7: Last week the Arizona Senate Committee on Water and Energy narrowly passed SB 1134, a... http://t.co/817fF8nLuD
Feb 7: Published reports indicate SRP has signed deal for a new Solar Energy Facility. The project will be... http://t.co/5zuKmtIYzR
Feb 7: The ACC denial of the APS proposed Battery Program and other decisions are examined by a Phoenix law firm... http://t.co/cI5sWeMdzY
Feb. 7: The Solar Downdraft Tower being planned in southwestern Arizona is colossal, it's clever, it's clean, and... http://t.co/8wpyLX2RoY
Feb. 7: You’ve most likely heard of the so-called “war on coal,” especially given how eagerly mainstream... http://t.co/0TMHvWck1x
Jan. 30: The EPA's Clean Power Plan proposal (111d), set to be finalized this summer, aims to reduce carbon... http://t.co/QgfLVBToYq
Jan. 29: The Town of Parker recently commissioned a 175-kilowatt (kW) solar energy carport project. The carport... http://t.co/5X8QFoacAk
Jan. 27: The University of Arizona has developed a new technology to manage the evaporation of water from mining... http://t.co/wAOv5rzlGs
Jan. 18: The Phoenician resort is now using clean, renewable energy to boost sustainability and create shaded... http://t.co/vKPhDxa0Lq
Jan.18: Salt River Project announced that it would provide 100 percent renewable energy to power the February 1st... http://t.co/caMQGihOBk
Jan. 18: Arizona Residential Utility Consumer Office is offering advice on going solar, including how to weigh... http://t.co/wMCitk31ED
Jan 18: Salt River Project management has proposed dramatic changes to its residential electricity rates that... http://t.co/sw6hcJgtxR
New revelations emerge on the rooftop solar battle front. http://t.co/xlppMDq3xj

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(Originally published 11/12/2012)

Named after one of Scottsdale, Ariz.'s founding fathers, this new park is the result of more than 20 years of planning. The site, which includes a regional stormwater retention facility, is located on 34 acres of rugged desert terrain in an area where a large earthen dam and two significant retention basins had previously been constructed. As part of the project, the upper basin was enlarged to store an extra 50 acre ft of stormwater, dramatically influencing the park layout.


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The end of solar as we know it?

For the past decade SRP’s solar policies were designed to help increase the demand for solar and drive down costs until the solar industry could stand on its own.

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