Tuesday, May 31st, 2016 - 2:05 pm 
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April 21, 2016: Only days after a pro-solar group announced a drive to place an initiative on this fall's ballot,... https://t.co/yM6ScWixEp
April 20, 2016: More than one million solar panels are hard at work in the Arizona desert producing clean power... https://t.co/wfCAdAk7Y2
April 25, 2016: Talk about an energy revolution. In 2007, there were no utility-scale solar power plants in the... https://t.co/yRwAnuPtk7
April 25, 2016: An industry-backed super PAC called Yes on AZ Solar filed paperwork recently seeking to place a... https://t.co/7d1WMQpn7E
April 7, 2016: Greentech Media is devoting a full day to software at the first Solar Software Summit, coming up... https://t.co/9DgwSCRZWA
April 7, 2016: •Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) signed into a law a bill that prohibits solar installers from... https://t.co/7jJbW2fWQA
April 7, 2016: Two clean-energy advocates who opposed Salt River Project's solar rate hike last year now have... https://t.co/xzjeO1Km20
March 31, 2016: The Energy Freedom Coalition of America (EFCA) today launched Arizona Shines, a new coalition... https://t.co/brP7Hde658
March 27, 2016: Tribal utility and government officials will break ground on a 27.5 MW solar project in Kayenta... https://t.co/ddM9TwsXTn
March 26, 2016: A look at the size and scope of Arizona's solar industry, according to figures from the Solar... https://t.co/7Tg6dGGkDc
The Sun Day Blog: This year the Tucson Solar Potluck will be celebrating the art of solar cooking for the 34th... https://t.co/KKSeNGdcs4
The Sun Day Blog: I attended the Tucson Solar Potluck for the first time in 1989. Within a month I had purchased... https://t.co/J89ButlHiL
The Sun Day Blog: Earth Day is April 22nd. This marks the 46th Earth Day, and over the years it has taken on many... https://t.co/l5cGuctVsx
March 26, 2016: A decade ago Governor Napolitano asked me to present at an energy forum of the National Governors... https://t.co/mrvV4XRynK
March 24, 2016: Guest Column Kingman Daily Miner -- Unisource Electric is experimenting with Mohave County... https://t.co/44uqZSjdMw
March 21, 2016: Arizona SB 1417, a new bill limiting the Arizona rooftop solar industry and being tagged as... https://t.co/AQwwT1cquV
Aqua Caliente is now fully-operational near Yuma. https://t.co/yCsSxbx7hy
March 21, 2016: The ‘world’s largest solar-panel power plant’ is now up and running in Arizona. Situated on 2,400... https://t.co/kVoCZLg2nF
March 22, 2016: The evolving conversation around grid defection in the U.S. is starting to take on a different... https://t.co/RCxMTMqxVH
March 23, 2016: The construction of an 800-acre photovoltaic solar farm between Kingman and Valle Vista could... https://t.co/VSYV3SXdNN
March 13, 2016: The state of solar in Arizona has increasingly become one of opposing forces. The state’s... https://t.co/hTWnJW5lxD
March 12, 2016: Paying rooftop solar customers for the excess energy they send to the power grid is a square deal... https://t.co/YRsAFr6r8V
March 3, 2016: Arizona utility Tucson Electric Power (TEP) is planning an additional 1.1GW of renewable energy... https://t.co/WVgQNMOHiD
March 12, 2016: The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) released a report Wednesday detailing mitigation strategies... https://t.co/TnK4JOduUn
March 4, 2016: The U.S. Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has announced key milestones... https://t.co/aNDg7pWrpO

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(Originally published 11/12/2012)

Named after one of Scottsdale, Ariz.'s founding fathers, this new park is the result of more than 20 years of planning. The site, which includes a regional stormwater retention facility, is located on 34 acres of rugged desert terrain in an area where a large earthen dam and two significant retention basins had previously been constructed. As part of the project, the upper basin was enlarged to store an extra 50 acre ft of stormwater, dramatically influencing the park layout.


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