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October 5: Arizona Public Service (APS) on October 1st, 2015 announced it is issuing a request for proposals... http://t.co/3lebL2KJdR
September 29: Martin "Mike" Pasqualetti, an Arizona State University professor and an expert on energy and social... http://t.co/DL3apJfLo7
September 26: On Friday, September 25, APS announced it was withdrawing its latest request for a new fee on... http://t.co/y59n0EDuBc
September 25: Arizona Public Service dropped its bid to increase its solar fee today from an average of $5... http://t.co/D3guiv6DIQ
September 23: SunEdison recently commissioned 1.2 megawatt (MW) DC solar carport and rooftop systems at four... http://t.co/PDS7HfDkb0
September 12: A blue-black field of 5.2 million solar panels tilted toward the Arizona sun might just be the... http://t.co/jX76v3QtEj
September 12:T he decline in the installed cost of solar should have slowed down two or more years ago, and the... http://t.co/L2k7jUgpHp
September 12: While the Graham County Electric Cooperative may not agree with the Environmental Protection... http://t.co/RIdZE7a6fG
September 9: Arizona has dropped to sixth nationally in solar installations, according to a new report released... http://t.co/X6wFzoHlZm
September 9: This past month Arizonans witnessed the dismantling of its Energy Office in what was described as a... http://t.co/LQvStaIQlS
September 7: The Marana Unified School District will install solar panels at all of its schools as part of its... http://t.co/S8LMthZuCB
September 5: Anyone who has flipped a light switch, cooked over a gas stove, drank tap water or picked up a phone... http://t.co/26pP3zbkgB
September 4: The value of battery-backed solar is 25 cents per kWh in California . . . http://t.co/wSQPHK3kJn
September 2: An energy storage study claims that prices for certain battery technologies will plunge by as much... http://t.co/r0vufVbt0h
September 2: Goal 50 cents a watt 20% efficiency. http://t.co/2bER27o7yD
August 29: The closure of the Arizona governor's energy office leaves the state with a significant void in... http://t.co/gp70i2lnCS
August 29: Two state utility regulators want the Arizona Corporation Commission to adopt a formal policy urging... http://t.co/j53azi1tPr
August 28 -- President Obama's speech at the National Clean Energy Summit came as his administration announced a... http://t.co/BhANC42Sa4
August 28 -- A new energy boom is taking shape in the oil fields of west Texas, but it’s not what you think. It’s... http://t.co/N156bWz5Fv
August 16: Arizona utility regulators are set to make their first major decision involving rooftop solar and... http://t.co/wFKLO69pkh
August 11: A number of national policymakers, utilities, and industry groups have repeatedly claimed President... http://t.co/HImNaeBJhw
Aug 4: Arizona Public Service Co. may be looking at a double whammy this week. First, President Obama's Clean... http://t.co/Ji3PbGIVkk
Aug 1: Several Arizona utilities are poised to meet a goal of 6 percent of renewable energy use next year thanks... http://t.co/ORmdaVFZo0
July 21: More than 100 solar activists gathered in front of Tucson Electric Power's downtown headquarters Monday... http://t.co/2DLESQaaYY
July 14: Construction has begun on Salt Lake City-based sPower's new 45 Mw $80 million solar facility (Sandstone... http://t.co/PoTU4VPkOY

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By taking advantage of existing manufacturing and supply lines and combining cheap components with high-tech technology, the UA's concept offers a realistic chance at successfully competing with fossil fuels in the not-too-far future. A $1 million award from the Department of Energy could help solar power technology developed at the University of Arizona revolutionize the way sunlight is converted into electrical power.


AzSC Blog

White Flag or Ruse?

In February 2014, the Arizona Republic's Ryan Randazzo wrote about a plan drafted by a political consulting group commissioned by the state's largest utility "to help APS change or alter the Arizona Corporation Commission".

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