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July 20: President Barack Obama isn't on the Arizona primary election ballot, but judging from the campaigns,... http://t.co/QE21qnsCx2
July 19: Give or take a few hazy mornings or dust storm-influenced afternoons, the sun shines in Phoenix more... http://t.co/ToUDdrLxMx
July 13: It has been a year since APS asked the Corporation Commission to approve a monthly surcharge of $50 to... http://t.co/O8E3nhrDUv
July 10: Nevada utility NV Energy’s net metering program does not significantly impact homeowners without rooftop... http://t.co/RvdvvE6ZQR
July 10:
July 6: Two solar panel installers filed a lawsuit against the Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) last week... http://t.co/DsATGxqaJf
July 6: America’s quest to become a clean energy nation is like the proverbial three-legged stool. Each leg of... http://t.co/S6Ww7PXq89
June 28: The city of Tempe has set a new goal for itself when it comes to renewable energy. The city council... http://t.co/aPRjo8Y1cU
June 28: ACC candidates stake out positions on solar tax issue. http://t.co/ic8KGAN9Uj
June 27: Sun Devils . . . Arizona State University has more photovoltaic panels (78,000) than students (76,000)... http://t.co/LcwijV2NRb
June 24: The amount of utility-scale solar installed in the US in the first five months of this year is up to... http://t.co/ewUamkGhU7
June 23: Former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson says that Climate Change is the challenge of our time and... http://t.co/DhoC8TWIxp
June 23: A study out today in the journal Nature Climate Change (re)examines concentrated solar power and its... http://t.co/Pj2wfubtBx
June 21; Community solar garden business model is spreading across the country allowing customers to buy into a... http://t.co/X7CDkQa54B
June 21: New Mexico news . . . Southern Power and Turner Renewable Energy have kicked off commercial operations... http://t.co/P5Djmp7LVR
June 19: At the end of Nevada’s annual arts festival in 2007, a small group of volunteers donated a solar power... http://t.co/A8LaS8XCZm
June 19: APS to lease 100 acres from Luke Air Force Base for a new 10 MW solar power plant that is scheduled to... http://t.co/nQxvJV08Q5
An Energy Law Journal article by ASU Professor Elizabeth Graffy and Steve Kihm of the Energy Center of Wisconsin,... http://t.co/rWLgnVzBcC
June 13: Two Corporation Candidates say solar tax is counter to state law. http://t.co/kl2cXMCsu7
June 11: Utah's proposed solar fee sparks outrage. http://t.co/tKRoj9FqAY
Last week the EPA announced a new rule to reduce carbon pollution by 30 percent by 2030. Read more . . . http://t.co/T9I8Z2Yjwu
The Sun Day Times . . . A Golden Opportunity for the clean energy sector. http://t.co/KdXD6hWald
Last week the EPA announced a new rule to reduce carbon pollution by 30 percent by 2030. Proponents say the rule... http://t.co/quySgD1iQb
June 6: Governor will do nothing about solar tax, spokesman says. http://t.co/Bq2RF6pvcY
2014: The year of Concentrating Solar Power. http://t.co/5SEGaLUDuE

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By taking advantage of existing manufacturing and supply lines and combining cheap components with high-tech technology, the UA's concept offers a realistic chance at successfully competing with fossil fuels in the not-too-far future. A $1 million award from the Department of Energy could help solar power technology developed at the University of Arizona revolutionize the way sunlight is converted into electrical power.


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Fighting Obama?

President Barack Obama isn't on the Arizona primary election ballot, but judging from the campaigns, candidates and political rhetoric it seems he is running for every political office in the state, even Corporation Commissioner.

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