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May 21 -- How the private sector can easily and cheaply be harnessed to work for the public interest, all while... http://t.co/ldVQeeE8pX
May 21: Solar power is lighting up the world, and not just on rooftops. Forward-thinking minds are discovering... http://t.co/wMvGI3p7md
May 12: Tesla is reporting 38,000 reservations have been made for Tesla’s Powerwall, as well as ~2,500... http://t.co/9EZEJ7dWEw
May 11: Affordable, scalable, practical energy storage has long been considered the missing link needed to... http://t.co/BXnXwsmFFt
May 11: The Environmental Protection Agency announced last week that NAU is the largest consumer of renewable... http://t.co/RhklzaJbCk
May 8: For two years, Arizona Public Service wore the black hat in our state’s shoot-em-up at the solar corral.... http://t.co/UaNlxJoXtq
May 8:
May 8: Pima County supervisors approved a $22 million package of contracts Tuesday to buy solar power that is... http://t.co/bykny2KtWV
May 6: Tucson Electric Power (TEP) and sister company UniSource Energy Services (UES) have contributed $25,000 to... http://t.co/wmutjmR6O9
May 1: The SEPA Top 10 Solar Rankings for Utilities . . . http://t.co/VzvRQiETPG
May 1: In the wake of Salt River Project's recent solar rate hike, SolarCity Corp., the largest rooftop solar... http://t.co/EsH0JXx8Q4
April 30: Statewide, Arizona claimed the number two spot in the nation for overall annual solar growth in 2014,... http://t.co/UgZHDWy4v4
April 27: A Scottsdale solar installation company is offering solar panels with batteries to help homeowners... http://t.co/B65KKNa4Ki
April 27: Tesla is widely expected to introduce a pair of new battery technologies later this week: a battery for... http://t.co/4yiReFuZ18
April 27: A crash in the prices of photovoltaic panels and improved technology that harnesses more power from the... http://t.co/oIe4OW0yMc
Earth Day: A host of upstart tech-savvy companies have spent the past 18 months figuring out how much value... http://t.co/NAtKrMaarp
April 21: Closing out last week's Solar Summit Conference in Phoenix, Senior Solar Analyst Cory Honeyman shared... http://t.co/bTIo2cFT5y
April 20: On Earth day, Valley Metro will begin powering its new rail operations and maintenance center with... http://t.co/TGT9eCbg4G
April 20: Vision Produce Co. is installing a solar power generation system at its produce distribution center in... http://t.co/Rpo6TccjBV
April 9: Media watchdog group says Republic Columnist is off-base in criticism to Clean Energy Plan Op-Ed by... http://t.co/HbdWN8NSRb
April 4:Arizona utilities have been battling with rooftop solar-electric companies over rates, and the solar... http://t.co/BfyRWYO7LK
March 30: March 30: Tucson Electric Power last week asked utility regulators to alter the way solar customers are... http://t.co/J8XIj8gZf9
March 29: US EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy discusses implementation of the Clean Power Plan (111d). http://t.co/IXF6CYHLPD
March 29: The debate over climate change is largely settled, and most Americans understand that one of the best... http://t.co/nkUmtWH0Ej
March 26: Arizona State University officials said they are strong supporters of solar despite a donation to a... http://t.co/NqQPsujWSQ

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From: APS Renewable Energy <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. >
Sent: Thu, Oct 11, 2012 4:23 pm
Subject: APS Renewable Energy: Solar for Schools & Government RFI

APS Renewable Energy

APS is seeking solar developers and installers to construct 100kWdc to 500kWdc sized solar photovoltaic facilities to meet a goal of approximately 7MWdc of solar energy production for the Solar for Schools and Government program.

This RFI seeks to identify a pool of qualified solar installer firms who will be given the opportunity to bid on future individual Schools and Government solar installation projects that will occur throughout the APS service territory in 2013. 

This RFI will be tentatively released October 12, 2012 with an open window of two weeks.  APS will use the PowerAdvocate platform for this RFI.

To register with PowerAdvocate, please visit www.poweradvocate.com and select "Register". Select "I am registering as a supplier". In the Referral Information section, enter that you were referred by Tiffany Rodriguez of APS and are requesting access to the “APS Solar for Schools and Government RFI”.

If you have an existing PowerAdvocate account, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to provide your account name and request it be added to this RFI.


APS Renewable Energy


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The Times They Are A-Changin’

Frederick Buechner wrote that there is a time for looking back over the past "and trying to figure out where we have come from and where we are going to."

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