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April 21, 2016: Only days after a pro-solar group announced a drive to place an initiative on this fall's ballot,... https://t.co/yM6ScWixEp
April 20, 2016: More than one million solar panels are hard at work in the Arizona desert producing clean power... https://t.co/wfCAdAk7Y2
April 25, 2016: Talk about an energy revolution. In 2007, there were no utility-scale solar power plants in the... https://t.co/yRwAnuPtk7
April 25, 2016: An industry-backed super PAC called Yes on AZ Solar filed paperwork recently seeking to place a... https://t.co/7d1WMQpn7E
April 7, 2016: Greentech Media is devoting a full day to software at the first Solar Software Summit, coming up... https://t.co/9DgwSCRZWA
April 7, 2016: •Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) signed into a law a bill that prohibits solar installers from... https://t.co/7jJbW2fWQA
April 7, 2016: Two clean-energy advocates who opposed Salt River Project's solar rate hike last year now have... https://t.co/xzjeO1Km20
March 31, 2016: The Energy Freedom Coalition of America (EFCA) today launched Arizona Shines, a new coalition... https://t.co/brP7Hde658
March 27, 2016: Tribal utility and government officials will break ground on a 27.5 MW solar project in Kayenta... https://t.co/ddM9TwsXTn
March 26, 2016: A look at the size and scope of Arizona's solar industry, according to figures from the Solar... https://t.co/7Tg6dGGkDc
The Sun Day Blog: This year the Tucson Solar Potluck will be celebrating the art of solar cooking for the 34th... https://t.co/KKSeNGdcs4
The Sun Day Blog: I attended the Tucson Solar Potluck for the first time in 1989. Within a month I had purchased... https://t.co/J89ButlHiL
The Sun Day Blog: Earth Day is April 22nd. This marks the 46th Earth Day, and over the years it has taken on many... https://t.co/l5cGuctVsx
March 26, 2016: A decade ago Governor Napolitano asked me to present at an energy forum of the National Governors... https://t.co/mrvV4XRynK
March 24, 2016: Guest Column Kingman Daily Miner -- Unisource Electric is experimenting with Mohave County... https://t.co/44uqZSjdMw
March 21, 2016: Arizona SB 1417, a new bill limiting the Arizona rooftop solar industry and being tagged as... https://t.co/AQwwT1cquV
Aqua Caliente is now fully-operational near Yuma. https://t.co/yCsSxbx7hy
March 21, 2016: The ‘world’s largest solar-panel power plant’ is now up and running in Arizona. Situated on 2,400... https://t.co/kVoCZLg2nF
March 22, 2016: The evolving conversation around grid defection in the U.S. is starting to take on a different... https://t.co/RCxMTMqxVH
March 23, 2016: The construction of an 800-acre photovoltaic solar farm between Kingman and Valle Vista could... https://t.co/VSYV3SXdNN
March 13, 2016: The state of solar in Arizona has increasingly become one of opposing forces. The state’s... https://t.co/hTWnJW5lxD
March 12, 2016: Paying rooftop solar customers for the excess energy they send to the power grid is a square deal... https://t.co/YRsAFr6r8V
March 3, 2016: Arizona utility Tucson Electric Power (TEP) is planning an additional 1.1GW of renewable energy... https://t.co/WVgQNMOHiD
March 12, 2016: The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) released a report Wednesday detailing mitigation strategies... https://t.co/TnK4JOduUn
March 4, 2016: The U.S. Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has announced key milestones... https://t.co/aNDg7pWrpO

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An innovative solar-thermal heating and cooling system installed on top of the UA's Student Recreation Center is expected to harvest almost 200 million kilowatt hours of solar energy per year - enough to power more than 180 households.


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